Wire Forming

Wire Forming

C & S Manufacturing focuses on automated equipment to produce low to high volume wire forms.


C & S Manufacturing specializes in the use of fourslide machines to supply automated wire formations.

  • Baird #3-24 (3)
  • Nilson #2-S (1)
  • Nilson #2-F (1)
  • Nilson #3-F (1)
  • Nilson #4-F (1)

Our fourslides accept custom wire stock:

  • Wire stock can be up to .375″ diameter.
  • Feed length up to 26″.

We believe in fourslide technology because of its specialized means of producing intricate wire formations with tremendous efficiency and attention to quality. Furthermore, as a result of its efficiency, tooling for a fourslide is very cost effective to build.

A variety of automatic Fourslide Machines can produce a wide range of products with complex bends in wire and strip steel. Slide Machines from 2F to 4F
Fourslide Machines from 2F to 4F


Automatic welding machines up to 150KVA and our experience in designing creative custom welding fixtures satisfies a wide range of wire product needs assuring accuracy and lower production time. Customized Welding Fixtures
Customized Welding Fixtures built to customer specifications
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