Custom Stamping

Metal Stamping

Heavy Stamping

With presses ranging up to 300 tons, C & S Manufacturing has the necessary equipment to handle your stamping requirements. Our large assortment of presses enables C & S Manufacturing to perform the following services.

  • Run single or multiple operations.
  • Accommodate materials up to .250″ thick.
  • Accepts parts up to 8-feet in length.
  • Blank, pierce, draw, trim, extrude, etc., in a variety of configurations.

Progressive Die Stamping

If you require medium or long run production stampings, our modern high-speed equipment is the right choice for your requirements. C & S Manufacturing runs virtually all types of progressive dies.

  • Quick die change capabilities.
  • Straight Side and Gap Frame presses.
  • Numerous bed sizes, shut heights and stroke lengths.
  • Press and tooling monitored by Data Instruments Smart Pacs.

High speed automatic presses with beds up to 4′ x 7′ for single piece or progressive stamping to obtain maximum production for minimum parts costs. We specialize in deep drawing.

High Speed Minister Presses from 45 to 100 Ton High Speed Minister Presses
Close up view of our 200 Ton Presses 200 Ton Presses
A view of our 200 and 300 Ton Presses 200 and 300 Ton Presses
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